Patrons of Between the Covers

Level 4 (+$100)
patron notes
Lidia Yuknavitch Author of The Small Backs of Children, The Chronology of Water, Dora: A Headcase
Benjamin Parzybok Author of Sherwood Nation, Couch
Kerwin Kaye Professor of Sociology, Wesleyan University
Brian Beard Writer
Alissa Hattman Writer, editor
Lachlan Huddy Writer, filmmaker
Sharon Naimon Norton Teacher
Pamela Redmond Satran Author of Younger, The Possibility of You, Babes in Captivity, among many others
Renee Zuckerbrot Literary agent
Louise Pender
Ed Naimon Chef

Level 3 ($50 - $99)
patron notes
Heidi Nibbelink Writer, counselor, oboist
Rob Spillman Founding editor of Tin House, author of All Tomorrow's Parties
Craig Thompson Author of Blankets, Space Dumplins, Habibi, Goodbye Chunky Rice, Carnet de Voyage
RIkki Ducornet Author of Deep Zoo, Phosphor in Dreamland, Brightfellow, The Monstrous & The Marvelous, among many others
Abigail Blueher writer, artist
Sarah Gerard Author of Binary Star, BFF, Things I Told My Mother
Chelsey Clammer Author of BodyHome & Circadian(forthcoming, Red Hen Press).  Freelance editor
Lara Ehrlich Writer
Patti Jazanoski Writer
Susan L. Gerhart Retired computer scientist, aspiring writer
Rachel Newcombe Psychoanalyst
Tammy Lynne Stoner Writer
Wendy Wakeman Writer
Patricia Kullberg Author of Girl in the River
Chelsea Voulgares Writer
Karen Munro Writer, librarian
Scott Sparling Author of Wire to Wire
Melissa Jacoby University professor
Nationale Art Gallery and Specialty Shop in Portland, Oregon
Anonymous Poet, doctor

Level 2 ($25 -$49)
patron notes
Ken Jones Radio show host
Jenny Forrester Author of Narrow River, Wide Sky
Joanna Reid
Nathan Goldman Writer, editor
Tony Perez Editor at Tin House Books
Liz Prato Author of Baby's On Fire
Harry Marks Host of the literary podcast, Covered
Melissa Favara Writer, teacher, founder/MC of the Oulipian reading series 1000 Words
Jessica Mooney
Ryan Horner Writer
Suz Carter Writer, data scientist
Mary Jane Pories founder of Fishladder Inc., author of Yes, And! Harnessing the Power of Improvisation to Transform Your Life and Work
Pauline Slot Writer
Absolom J. Hagg Editor, writer
Vincent Scarpa Writer
Leah Dieterich Writer

Level 1 ($1-$24)
patron notes
Alice Lam Writer
Cigdem Kobu Founder of The Inky Path
Karen Gifford Co-author of The Anxious Lawyer: An 8-Week Guide to a Joyful and Satisfying Law Practice Through Mindfulness and Meditation
Susanna Space Writer
Ofurhe Igbinedion Geographer
Monica Way Landscape architect, writer
Marc Pearson Cartoonist
Justin Thurman Writer
Jey Jeonghwa Park Designer
Jodie Dalgleish Writer, curator
Ruth Madievsky Poet, author of Emergency Brake
Mia Taylor Writer
Leslie What Writer, fiction editor of Phantom Drift
Catherine Brandes
Emma-Lee Moss Singer/songwriter of the albums First Love and Virtue (as "Emmy the Great")
Susan DeFreitas Author of Hot Season
Vince Veselosky Systems architect, software developer
Cari Luna Author of The Revolution of Every Day
Katya Mezhibovskaya Graphic designer and critic
Amanda Lichtenberg Poet
Jan Neudeck Writer
Lindsay Grattan
Jimmy Essien Writer
Anonymous Poet
Hamish Rickett Writer, anesthesiologist

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