Leni Zumas & Luca DiPierro : A Wooden Leg

Screen shot 2023-05-20 at 2.49.29 PMThere is a long, if lesser known, history of fictions (and fictive illustrations) that invite reader participation, where the reader co-creates the story with the authors.  These stories often utilize an element of chance and/or suggest multiple possible ways a text can be read. Leni Zumas and Luca DiPierro, the co-creators of A Wooden Leg: A Novel in 64 Cards, discuss A Wooden Leg in light of these traditions. Leni Zumas is a professor of creative writing in the MFA program at Portland State University and the author of the short story collection Farewell Navigator as well as the novel The Listeners, a finalist for the 2013 Oregon Book Award. Luca Di Pierro is an animator and illustrator whose work appears regularly on record and book covers and in animated films. Di Pierro is also the author of the art zine Das Ding and the book of fictions Biscotti Neri.

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