R.O. Kwon : The Incendiaries

“Every explosive requires a fuse. That’s R. O. Kwon’s novel, a straight, slow-burning fuse. To read her novel is to follow an inexorable flame coming closer & closer to the object it will detonate—the characters, the crime, the story, &, ultimately, the reader.”—Viet Thanh Nguyen; “Kwon’s multi-faceted narrative portrays America’s dark, radical strain, exploring the lure of fundamentalism, our ability to be manipulated, and what can happen when we’re willing to do anything for a cause.” —Atlantic.com; “A God-haunted, willful, strange book written with a kind of savage elegance. I’ve said it before, but now I’ll shout it from the rooftops: R. O. Kwon is the real deal.”—Lauren Groff

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One thought on “R.O. Kwon : The Incendiaries

  1. Intriguing insights into the novel and the author-both her backstory and creative process. I love how the interviewer, David Naimon, raises a series of philosophical questions about the interplay of belief and doubt and how these concepts thread through The Incendiaries. And how open the engaging R.O. Kwon is to all lines of inquiry. A deep and delightful think.

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