Celeste Ng : Little Fires Everywhere

“I read Little Fires Everywhere in a single, breathless sitting. With brilliance and beauty, Celeste Ng dissects a microcosm of American society just when we need to see it beneath the microscope:  how do questions of race stack up against the comfort of privilege, and what role does that play in parenting?  Is motherhood a bond forged by blood, or by love?  And perhaps most importantly:  do the faults of our past determine what we deserve in the future?  Be ready to be wowed by Ng’s writing — and unsettled by the mirror held up to one’s own beliefs.” – Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author of Small Great Things and Leaving Time 

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One thought on “Celeste Ng : Little Fires Everywhere

  1. The cadence and writing style of the author made it easy to get into the story. I must read her other work. I’m most proud of Izzy for always speaking her truth.’ If we don’t say or write what is necsessary, whom are we protecting?’ (Laura Davis)….

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